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Ignite Prayer Planning Information

The local host church(es) will provide the following:

1. A suitable building, preferably the building used by the local congregation for worship services.

2. The largest room possible set up to accommodate the number of registrants. Numbers will be provided one week before the Ignite Prayer weekend.

3. Suitable A/V and Sound equipment.

4. Refreshments for the Friday evening and breaks on Saturday.

5. People to manage the refreshments and lunch on Saturday.

6. Two people to assist with registration on Friday, check people in and to hand out materials. Emergency photocopying of some materials may be required.

7. Full support from pastoral staff and congregation to advertise and encourage people to attend.

8. Prayer support for your weekend.

9. The honorarium for the speaker for the Sunday/Weekend message.

Alliance Pray! will do the following:

1. Arrange a date and a suitable speaker in consultation with the local host church(es).

2. Receive and process registrations, provide name tags, registration records and handout materials.

3. Provide facilitators and support personnel as needed to ensure the success of the weekend.

4. Pay for the following expenses from the registration fees: speaker honorarium (Friday & Saturday), travel for speaker, facilitator and required support people.

5. Pay for the cost of the lunch (collected as part of the registration fee).

* The decision to accept an invitation to provide an Ignite Prayer weekend will rest with the corporate discernment of the Alliance Pray! Team.

A Hosting Guide will be provided.

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